Don S. Davis ~ The Omen

Sel never tries to say anything bad about a movie, but for this one... she'll just say... Boy! Don is wearing a really nice tie, isn't he?

Now please, don't make her watch the movie again. Please? Sel's begging.

Note - Sel doesn't think the actors were bad, it's just that sometimes, Writers go to the Well Once Too Often, if you know what I mean.

Since Sel is still recovering from watching his fine piece of cinema,
there will be no captions for this movie.
Here's to Sel's quick recovery!
It just ain't the same without snarky comments from the Old Gal.
Why don't you believe me? I'm being sincere.
I'm truly, truly hurt that you don't believe me.
No comment.
No comment.
No comment.
No comment.
Is it just me or do you hear a symbiote shrilly humming
Carmina Burana "O Fortuna"? ~ Don
No ~ It's actually a Carlton Beer Ad. It's a really big Ad. ~ Sel
Look everyone!
It's Joy Coghill ~ SAROOSH!

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