How to Join the Sel & Jacob Ascendancy Page

Jacob Carter & Selmak Ascendancy Project

Bring back Dad and Sel! Are you still steamed that "Papa dies, and everyone goes fishing"? Did you yell and scream at the TV? Did you suggest alternative characters that they could have killed?

Then join the Selmak Ascended Campaign.

Carmen smiles and wonders why he doesn't have normal fans.

Show your support for Sel & her Jake.
Put this banner everywhere you can! Subway stations! Train Stations!
Turn it into a T-Shirt design!
Better banners will be cheerfully accepted.

How you can help!

Tony Amendola shows off his new Selmak Ascended Pin,
while color-coordinated Sel Supporter Jamie smiles.
Vancouver, BC Creation Con, April 2005.
Thanks, Tony & Jamie! - Sel

The Truly Cool & Very Limited Selmak Ascended Pin created by Susan! mourned the ascension of Selmak & Jacob.
Click on the graphic to read the poem.

For more on the Asendancy Project, click here.