Carmen Argenziano ~ Sightings

Naturally the group had to take a hell of a lot of pictures. Carmen was a good sport about it even when the group got really rowdy...

By the time the girls were done with him, he was still smiling, tho' appeared somewhat dazed and confused.

For some reason the group has that affect on people.

Dori, Sel, Carmen & Tricia. Carmen doesn't know what
he's gotten himself into just yet.

Janet ~ "Where are your hands?"
Carmen immediately assured her that his hands were in a safe spot.

"Not you! I'm asking Dori and Tricia where their hands are!" ~ Janet
Dori, Sel & Tricia try to look innocent, but fail.

Hallowed are the Dori. Flexible are the Dori. Blessed are the Friends of the Dori.

The Very Bad Boys of the Kill Bill Table.

Time for dinner.

Dragon Con 2005

Selmak & Thyla

This drink was hot pink, tasted like fruit, and had everyone running for benadryl as everyone seemed to break out in hives.

One of the first of the many mysterious men that came to our room at 11:30pm.

Yes, Walter the Pornographic Pull Toy Walrus came to visit!

Tricia looks innocent while Sel looks plastered.

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