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Friday, September 1, 2005

Normally, I do a con report, but this time, I had too much fun, and not enough energy to even think about doing a con report. So here's some photos.

Carmen and a rowdy bunch of women. The group made a bet that Carmen's wife isn't going to let him go to any more cons without supervision. There's actually eight other people with the group that weren't there to have their picture taken.

His Scottish Brogue got thicker whenever there was a lovely lass around.

Secret, Undercover Tok'Ra Agent and Ascended Sel



Dragon Con 2005


Contessa, the owner/moderator of the Don list, comoderator of Carmen plus a few dozen other email lists.

Claire & Tricia ~ Double Trouble

Sel gets a ride on a dragon


Selmak & a few friends


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