Don S. Davis
Based on Norman Maclean's story USFS 1919: The Ranger, the Cook and A Hole in the Sky. Jerry O'Connell portrays "Mac" a real pain the @ss. Don is Mr. Smith, an older miner who thinks Mac is gonna kill everyone on the mountain.

There are a lot of Stargate Actors in this production. Let's see if you can recognize them.

Smith, a long time miner.
Really good at blowing up things.
Tired after his big explosion.
Isn't he so cute when he's sleeping?
Nice leg! Sel whistles.
Selmak - where do you come up with these captions?
In the deepest, darkest part of my soul. I just unleash my inner Snarcasm ~ Sel.
Lighting the fuse.
Robert Wisden - Samuels - SG
Lighting the fuse.
   The Ranger, The Cook & The Hole in the Sky
Successful Boom!
Look ladies! He darns his own socks!
Ready for bed?
Tom Butler - Major General Trofsky
Watching the card shark through the window.
Not credited, but it looks like Elizabeth Rosen - Haley
Jay Brazeau - Harlan
Frank Cassini - Colonel Sean Grieve

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