Don S. Davis ~ Black Fox: The Price of Peace

If you ever go to a con that Don is at, he'll probably tell you the very sad story of how he got hired for a particular role.

[Note he didn't say what role it was for, but Sel is guessing that it was probably for this TV movie and or its prequel "Black Fox." ]

"Can you ride a horse?"

"Absolutely!" He assured them.

"Can you fall off a horse?" He was asked.

"Why certainly!"

What Don failed to realize was that since he's rather tall and built like the former power lifter that he is, he wouldn't be able to fall off a little itty bitty Shetland Pony. No, he'd have to fall off a honkin' huge horse, and he'd have to do it repeatedly.

Don's words of advice, "Ain't a horse short enough so it doesn't hurt!"

Note - the color on the DVDs were horrendous as the movies had a literal blood red tinge to almost every scene. I tried to color correct it as much as possible, but as you can see, it didn't work out so well.

It is hard to believe that Sel actually spent far too much time trying to color correct these photos. Doesn't look like it, does it?
Keeping an eye out for a short horse.
Rainbow Francks before he turned into SuperFord.


That horse is entirely too tall.
Nope! Too tall!
No horse .


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