Dear Dad,

Why am I getting all these emails addressed to Dad? Selmak, what have you done? - Jake

Not me, Jake, it's what have YOU done? - Selmak

May 31, 2006

Hello my Dear Jacob!

I am a lovely and lonely Lady who is looking for the man who will make me happy and whom I want to feel like in paradise with!

If you want to be my beautiful Action Hero who will save me from this loneliness ~ find me ~ and wake me up with a warm kiss.

so long...
Gale B.


Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it was for you. It was addressed to you. ~ Sel *giggles*

February 10, 2006

Dear Dad,

I just got this base-wide e-mail, and I thought it would interest you. It's about General O'Neill and the Tok'ra...well, I know it's probably just Walter making fun of him, you go.

Kanan's Song (To the tune of "I Could Have Danced All Night")

I am a sym-bi-ote!
I am a sym-bi-ote!
A co-vert op'ra-tive!
I have a marv'lous host!
A perfect Tok'ra host!
His name is Jack O'Neill!
I'll never know what made him so excited,
Why all at once, my host took flight!
I only know when he began to blend with me
He was a Tok'ra Op'rative!

Nobody's showing this to the General, but the rest of us are enjoying it!

Love you,

Dear Sam,

Please tell Walter that we loved it, and to keep working on his comedy while he's spinning the chevrons.


Sel (& Dad who has this annoying song in his head of which he can't be rid)


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