Don S. Davis ~ Prisoner of Zenda, Inc.
When young computer genius Rudy inherits his father's business, he is at first unprepared to do battle with his avaricious uncle, who has him kidnapped and held hostage until the boy signs off all rights to the lucrative enterprise. Not wanting the uncle to control the business following Rudy's disappearance, a pair of corporate executives happen upon a youth who looks just like the missing heir. In hopes of keeping the business afloat, they substitute him at the board meetings.

Jay Brazeau our favorite Alterian, Harlan, co-starred, as did William Shatner. It was a SciFi Geek heaven!!

Jay- if you say Com-traya! Com-traya! one more time,
you're gonna be a dead Alterian.
The Avaricious Uncle
"Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back,
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game.
I did not hear a Com-traya! Com-traya! now did I? - Don

Ooops!!! Jay


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