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Thursday, August 4, 2005

I normally don't write full length con reports for my site, but someone (You know who you are) complained that she didn't like my concise version of the Secaucus Creation Con.

"Went, met friends both old and new, spent $$, came home. The End."

So therefore this con report is for you, Steph. And everyone who would like to know to who they should complain about this rambling, stream of consciousness blog should talk to her, ok? Ok!

Sometimes, I wonder how my workplace knows that I'm attending a SciFi Con in Joisey as something ALWAYS happens right before the last two NJ Cons. Anyway I arrive at work where they will be installing new carpet. I ask about the fumes, but they assure me that I'll be fine. Then my boss cheerily tells me that there's a ton worth of computer batteries sitting in the parking lot and could I just check on it?

End result of that day at work is a lead battery (only twenty pounds this time as opposed to last year when the 220 lb lead battery that rolled off the truck and tried to fall on me) gets dropped on my foot (but hey! I didn't chip my nail polish!), the fume from the carpet glue in fact causes hallucinations and mania, and the database update for work hit the proverbial fan repeatedly.

The main reason I'm telling you about my day at work prior to attending the con, is because I honestly don't have the faintest idea of what I said at the dinner with the group that night. I remember commenting on the fact that somehow my current hotel reservations were rescheduled for August 4, 2008, handing out a couple Selmak Ascended buttons, the Don S. Davis Fan Club buttons and two of the extra special DSDFC buttons (This ain 't a bald head, it's a... pins.) but not a lot else.

Oh, and I do remember telling the group about the DeLuise conspiracy.

If Carmen Argenziano's name was actually Carmen DeLuise, he wouldn't have been killed off the show.

Think about, you know I'm right. How many DeLuises have been on the show (and to keep it simple, we'll count all of Peter's Hitchcock moments as One DeLuise) ~ and how many DeLuise characters have died?

One Argenziano ~ TWO dead characters.

One Rothery. One dead character.

Twenty seven thousand Deluises ~ ZERO Character deaths.

Fortunately no one took me seriously except for the couple on table 8 as they were eavesdropping ~ which for shame, is how rumors start.

Anyway, I should explain the fuzzy Selmaks and the various photos you are seeing of her. Fuzzy Selmak is a take off of Flat Stanley. Have you heard about Flat Stanley?

Stanley is a little boy who was flattened when a bulletin board fell on him. He wanted to visit his friends in California but it was too expensive to go by plane or train. Since Stanley was so flat, his family mailed him to visit his friends.

The idea was such a hit that schools were making their very own Flat Stanleys or Flat Pats and sending them around the world. The person given Flat Stanley usually takes him/her places, gets pictures of them and writes up a brief synopsis of where exactly Flat Stanley's been.

There are actually at last count, six or so of the Fuzzy Selmaks out there. They are located throughout the United States and the UK and every so often, I get a postcard from Selmak which I post.

Fuzzy Selmak has been to a couple scifi cons in which Gary Jones has worn a poseable Sel as a crown and Carmen Argenziano reenacted The Blending Scene Between Jake and Sel with one (and I've got the mpeg for that, nanananana). She's also been to the Smithsonian, the USAF Museum located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and a lot of other locations. What can I say, ever since she ASCENDED, she's been busy taking a vacation.

My Fuzzy Selmak Assigment for this con.

Get a Creation Con Photo Op with Don S. Davis and Fuzzy Selmak.

At the time, it seemed like a funny idea. Now, less than twenty four hours away from the Photo Op, I'm not so sure.

It's that General Hammond mystique, George is just so damn intimidating that I can't imagine myself throwing a Stuffed Selmak at him and telling him to "Work it!"

If you were completely honest with yourself, could you really throw a Stuffed Selmak at General Hammond and tell him to smile prettily for the camera without a singular, solitary qualm? You're lying if you said yes.

Either that or you're Jack O'Neill.

Sel gets her glamour shot


Thursday, August 4, 2005
Selmak enjoy her pillow at the Crowne Plaza
Selmak pouts that the hotel only offered Dialup
in its business center for an obscene price.
Sel's just a Broadband type of Girl.
Gary Jones models the latest in Selmak Ascended Wear.
Sel's favorite part about cons is getting together with friends
and having a good time.


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