Don S. Davis ~ Beyond the Stars

A Troubled Young Teenager (are there any other Christian Slater roles in movies?) meets his hero (Martin Sheen), a cranky astronaut. In time, the two of them bond, and they are forever changed. Don portrayed Phil, a space buddy of the cranky astronaut. Sel thought it was a nice movie, until the last thirty seconds of the movie when she just said, "Huh? Why'd they throw THAT in?"

Now, if you've ever been to a con where Don chats about his past performances, he sometimes mentions this particular film. He comments that Martin Sheen remembered working with him when he appeared on "The West Wing" so Martin made sure that everybody knew to take good care of him.

The second story involves a newspaper article. They had a nice shot of Martin, with a complimentary byline, a picture of up and coming actor Christian Slater, and then they had an itty bitty picture of Don sitting at the makeup table witha caption of 'Some actors need this more than others' or something like that. Naturally, the women in the audience 'awwwwwwwwdddd' and Security was busy preventing several women from running on stage to hug Don.

Sel has to get a picture of the back of her boys' heads in each flick. 
Phil (Don) smirks for the camera.  
Phil & Paul (Martin) go back a long way.  
 Phil is trying to convince Paul to see the medical boys down South,
so Phil tracked Paul down.  
Paul had a large dose of radiation on one of the lunar
landings, and is now quite ill.  


Paul tells Phil that there is nothing that can be done.
He's ok with it, and accepted it.  
Phil doesn't take the news well.  
His reaction is quite touching.  


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