Don S. Davis ~ Hook

Don didn't get a lot of screen time in this movie, but Selmak capped like mad anyway.

Pretty much Don is in a crowd of people
that race after Robin Williams
as he tries to get on the elevator.
Don by the elevator

Another shot of Don and the elevator.
Peter Pan aka Robin Williams is getting on the elevator.
The group is now supposed to energetically wave goodbye to him.
This is where character actors can get seriously injured. Arrow pointing to Don has been helpfully supplied by Selmak, but she hopes that you'd know
what he looks like by now.
Ok! Everybody wave Goodbye!

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) should have been throwing a fit during this scene. Unless this was film in Canada, and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) should have been involved.

Actor # 1 ~ appears to be in the wrong movie - this is HOOK, not Night of the Living Dead. Note his arms are being held in the classic Zombie Pose. If he's gonna be a zombie, his glasses should have impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.

Actress # 2 ~ It's the early 90s, so her hair has been shellaced with every chemical known to human kind. Hair should be restrained in a hair net, as it could hit someone in the eye (e.g. Actor # 1 or Actor # 3) and knock his eye out, especially if she's bouncing.

Actor # 3 appears to be attempting to protect his eyes from Actress # 2's shellaced hair. Should be wearing safety glasses.

Actress # 4 appears to be painfully aware of the fact that in 2005, some symbiote will find this movie and screen cap this movie, and everyone will know that she wore that strange top. Yeah, this cap wasn't very funny, but hey! Even Ascendantes can't always be Jay Leno, ok?


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