Don S. Davis ~ Look Who's Talking
Don is the gyn/obs who delivers the kids. His most famous line in the film is about her biological clock ticking.
Would you trust this man with your life? I mean, would you, honestly?
What do you mean you don't trust me? Dr. D.
It's not that I don't ~ Sel
That smile is like a used car dealer trying to sell someone a 1989 Chevy with 350,000 miles.~ S
That's pretty cold, Sel. ~ Dr. D.
Good thing she's isn't a Jaffa, else her symbiote would be squashed.
Do you hear a little high pitched voice? - K
Nope ~ Dr. D
Your Biological Clock is Ticking ~ D
 Can you get any closer to the camera there? ~ Sel    
Dr D. attempts to look concerned.  
Dr D. plays catch.

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