I know a lot of you were wondering what I was doing after I ascended, so I figured I'd send you some postcards.

Selmak checking directions to Washington DC on the way to promote alien rights as some host that shall remain
NAMELESS forgot the MAP!


First things first, I had a very important meeting in Washington DC where I met the President and several other people to discuss the importance of Inalienable Alien Rights.

You know, every alien should have the right to have a cold slushy drink, but seriously, I was fighting to get my retirement plan. Apparently they think that since I ascended, I don't need the cash!

I also had a slight problem as I couldn't stop glowing.

After getting my money, I ditched Jake and went on vacation.

On the right you see me with a distant relative (on Dad's side of the family who we never mention though I think he's pretty cool), another buddy of mine, who'll make a cool Tok'Ra host when he's a weeee bit older

I was searching for a librarian in Indianapolis, but I didn't have any luck finding a specific one. If I didn't know better, I think that Kathleen is trying to avoid me as we keep missing each other due to 'family reasons'.

Below you can see me giving archaeology a try.

My 3rd Cousin, twice removed Buster, soon to be Tok'Ra host, Zach and me! I'm the glowy one.

"Why should Daniel gets all the glory and the groupies?"
Selmak tries her flipper at Archaeology.

Selmak teaching basic literacy to O'Neill.

I rapidly decided that I didn't like sand in my flippers, so I gave up on archaeology - plus some idiot (FELGER!) kept trying to grab me as he thought I was some sort of new species of FireFly.

I then decided to go into education ~ bringing learning to the masses, so I decided to try with a really tough case right away.


I kept smacking him with my flipper whenever he spelled my name wrong. It only took fifty or so Ascended flipper whacks but he learned how to spell my name!

Perhaps there is hope for him afterall.

Next vacation.