Don S. Davis ~ Highlander

Don is a bad police officer in this. He gets thrown around a lot.

Oh, and he skips wildly about ~ Sel.

Yoo hoo! Honey I'm home!
Did you just hear a snap? And a high pitched giggle?
Did you see a little green symbiote scamper by? ~ D
Come on out, Sel, I know you're here.
Watch out! ~ Sel
Owwwwiiiieeee~ That's gonna leave a mark! ~ Sel
My flippers hurt just looking at this~ Sel
Owwwwie! ~ Sel
Not saying anything, as I'm being good! ~ Sel
I try so hard to be serious when I cap, and then I get a shot of Don skipping across the roof. So it's really NOT my fault! ~ Sel
I wasn't skipping. Grown men do not skip! ~ D.
You were too! ~ Sel
Gratitious shot of an oompa-loompa Band for no other reason
than Sel felt whimsical.

The Return of Amanda
Yes, I hate to tell you, but you were skipping.
No, I wasn't skipping across that roof.
You don't believe me, do you?
Maybe three, four people max will ever visit her site...
and they'll never see that cap.
Selmak, why are you giggling?
I was not skipping! I was running!
Ok!! ~ Sel
You were running! ~ Sel
As fast as your little legs could go! ~ Sel
With a skipping like motion! ~ Sel
Running! I was RUNNING!
With a skipping like motion! ~ Sel
Ok - Skippy, you were running! ~ Sel

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