Welcome to what is probably safe to say, the definitive website for five of Stargate's recurring characters and the actors that portray them ~ Tony Amendola, Carmen Argenziano, Garry Chalk, Don S. Davis and Gerard Plunkett! Sel's proudest fangrrrrl moment, meeting one of the boys and being asked, "Where the hell do you FIND this stuff on me?"

For those that might be visiting for the first time, Sel would like to point out her site map, where you can see what her site has to offer. There's a lot here and it's easy to get lost.

For updates on the latest with Sel's Boys and Sel's web site, click here.

First and foremost, Sel is a rather sardonic little symbiote, so a sense of humor is helpful (ok, essential) when viewing this site.

Sel's got examples of Don's artwork (used with his permission), Tony's theatre history, screencaps of many of Carmen's other projects, information on Garry's various voice characters and a brand spanking new section for Gerard Plunkett! Plus con sightings, play reviews, Selmak-centric reviews on various Stargate episodes and other various stuff that the boys had hoped and prayed that no one would ever find.

Selmak's also added a new section for Terrence Mann from The SciFi Channel's The Dresden Files. And some Scottish Dude by the name of Peter Mullan.

As the oldest and wisest of the Tok'ra, I decided it was time for a presence on the web. On my site, I'd feature my personal favorites that everyone just overlooks because they're blinded by O'Neill, Jackson, Teal'c and Carter Junior, (not to be confused with Teal'c Junior).

Yes, that means this site is dedicated to Sel's Boys - Jacob Carter, Bra'tac and George Hammond. Sel thinks that the boys are Tok'Ra eye candy. We'll even have information on Carmen Argenziano, Tony Amendola and Don S. Davis on the site. Plus because Sel's got such a big heart, she decided to adopt Garry Chalk and Gerard Plunkett also! Just click on the links on the side and away you will go! Just don't tell Jacob - he doesn't know that I'm using his AOL account.

[Sel knows that a lot of people run off screaming in terror at this point in the website, but she highly recommends that you take a look at the site map. Sel has over five hundred something pages ~ with the tone ranging from silly and sarcastic to the serious and sublime on subjects as varied as reviews, theatre productions and a lot of other cool stuff that Sel promises you won't find anywhere else on the net.]

DISCLAIMERS: Stargate SG-1 is copyright 1994-present to Stargate (II) Productions, Double Secret Productions (a Glassner/Wright Company), Gekko Film Corp (an Anderson/Greenburg Company), Metro Golden Mayer/United Artists, and the guys at then Sci-Fi Channel. Stargate: the Movie story and characters created by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. Series and related characters/concepts developed for television by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright.

Selmak doesn't own any of these characters, because if she did, Jacob would be a lot nicer to her.

Screen captures have been specifically credited with links to their original websites, with all the respective copyrights & etc being maintained by their respective owners. If not screen captures are from the Space Witchies, which Sel would like to give a big Symbiotic Kiss for helping her with the screen captures or by Selmak. All typos and bad links are completely Selmak's fault.

This fan site is for enjoyment only as I doubt highly that I'd ever get any interest in selling Selmak.Org T-Shirts. If you own the copyrights of any objects in this site, and you desire their removal (or you're one of the actors and you're horrified by this site because you think I'm really serious...) please feel free to contact me.

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